Jasmine Wilfong is an internationally published visual artist, designer and creative director specializing in graphic designbranding.  With extensive experience in the interior, luxury and consumer product goods industry, she is best known for her design direction for start-up companies where she is challenged by working within a limited budget. Jasmine's textile and product designs have been sold online, in boutiques and in retail stores such as Nordstrom, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Toys R Us and more.


"I like design to be truthful and simple yet delivered directly and confidently. In regards to branding, when imagery and resources are limited, I am forced to take only the most meaningful assets and magnify them in their best light... getting to the core of a company or a product and letting it speak for itself. I really think of design communication as a language. There are rules, but there's also a wonderful "vocabulary", you can play with structure and there's a lot of connotation in materials and colors. They all symbolize and mean something more than just stylization. Everyone has their own story and I can translate that- visually. "  

x jw


2012 | Spilt Milk Packaging published in Visual Arts of the Liquid Packaging